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Personal Assistant

full-time, personal/business assistant wanted. Willing to pay top dollar for top individuals! Need someone with good energy who is motivated and driven.

Some of the things you will be doing:
  1. 1. Emailing
  2. 2. Messaging across multiple platforms
  3. 3. Scheduling/Keeping calendar organized
  4. 4. Booking Travel
  5. 5. Filing and organizing docs (both physical and digital)
  6. 6. Shopping
  7. 7. Traveling to events
  8. 8. Research
  9. 9. Note taking at meetings and on phone calls
Some of the benefits:
  1. 1. We are working on many exciting projects
  2. 2. You will become part of an awesome inner circle of people
  3. 3. You’ll get to travel and go to exclusive events
  4. 4. You will most likely grow out of the position in a year and move on to something BIGGER! Our team is like family here, and we only bring in people who are extraordinary in some way.